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 - An open letter to the American President in honor of his visit to Israel and to Jerusalem translated from Ma'ariv website NRG (in Hebrew) Click to read more.

  • eptember more than 25 students from Al Quds University attended a lecture about the Geneva Initiative and the peace efforts 2 October more than 35 students and activists from Azariye (Bethany) participated in the discussion that followed a lecture by PPC Steering Committee Member Saman Khouri on the Geneva Initiative and the current political situation in the Palestinian territory.

  • On 7 October more than 20 intellectuals and professionals from the northern areas of Jerusalem participated in a discussion about the current situation and the peace plans, with emphasis on the effects of the Segregation Wall that is being constructed by Israel in the West Bank and its impact on the overall peace efforts in the region.

  • On 14 October a Preparatory meeting took place with representatives of the Teachers Union to discuss the peace plans, including the Geneva Initiative, and to prepare for a workshop with the Jerusalem teachers on peace efforts.

  • On 19 October a meeting was held with the Old City Youth Association to agree on activities in the old city Jerusalem during the month of Ramad






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